Thursday, July 06, 2006


Today is Daniel's tenth birthday. I can not believe it has been a whole decade since he entered my life. He is changing so fast that at times I can't keep up with him. He has a great sense of humour that only gets better as he ages, and the most amazing ability to be sarcastic with only me. He makes us very proud and we look forward to what the next ten years bring us with him. Happiest of Birthdays my boy!

As of a few weeks ago, the government informed Hud that they wanted money back as his marital status had changed. We sent the appropriate paperwork indicating that we were in fact still married. Today I got a cheque in the mail that Hud usually gets indicating my marital status as widowed. I called Hud to tell him that he was dead and that they were now sending me his money. I'm still not sure why they were telling a "dead" man that they wanted money back, and the guy I talked to in some government office didn't find it any less than hilarious himself. I have been told not to cash the cheque, as once they process it all they will send another one to Hud. Because he was at work, we couldn't discuss his status as it is private! Anyhoo.... for the time being I'm a widow.


Jodi said...

LOL! First you are no longer married and then widowed? Wow, they sure screwed up!

I hope they figure it out soon!

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

guess what, my son is 15 today!!!

Little Brother said...

Happy Birthday Daniel!!!

So when is the funeral sis? =P

Jamie Dawn said...

Daniel shares a birthday with my mother AND President Bush.

Happy Belated Birthday, Daniel!!!
I hope your day was a good one. Did your parents already give you the card with the one hundred dollar bill in it? No??? Well, you better ask them for it right NOW!!!

Alison, you are in the unusual position of being a widow and being able to still talk to your hubby. :)