Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Fall Fair Fun...and then some

This weekend the husbands were away, and so the moms decided to take the kids to the fall fair. We enjoyed watching the horses jumping etc while we ate fair food....then we went exploring all the rest there was to see. They had all sorts of animals to feed, sheep to watch being shorn, and cows to watch being milked. The kids loved it all and even Daniel who had not wanted to go as there were only girls his age, decided that even though they were a bit annoying they were good company. The torture I put him through is unbelievable.

My friend had gum surgery today in which they took skin from her upper pallet to graft onto her lower gums. I can't begin to imagine the discomfort. And although eating is the last thing she is going to want to do, she is a nursing mom so she needs to get something in. I am about to take her some homemade squash soup and hopefully that will do the trick. Warm, comforting and chock full of vitamins for Gabe.

Aside from the pics, I figured I would leave you with the latest Samisms....

"It's hard to remember that's why I'm pulling my chin" when asked a question

"playing basketbell with the bumps on my p****s ~ then it went swimming in the deep end" when asked why his hand was in his pants!

Claire enjoying the horse riding...
Sam and Isaiah checking out the tractors....future farmers?
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Karen said...

Ah, the Fall Fair. So much fun!

And Sam's going to be a basketball player, eh? Good luck to him! ;-)

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

that looks like so much fun!!!
my fav pic is the one of all of the kids in that backhoe thing, front end loader, whatever it is, it's adorable!

Evey said...

Fun pics! Thanks for posting Sams comment, that was too funny. lol