Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Run for the cure

On Sunday Daniel ran the 5km run for the cure. There were over 7000 registered runners and walkers so I was glad when he found a school mate to run with! Sending him off into the crowd was a wee bit daunting but he made out ok until the last km when he fell onto the curb. He hoofed it back the last bit and I was starting to wonder where on earth he was based on how fast I know he runs. I was not relishing the thought of having to go look for him. Daniel has run in other runs before but none so important. As I looked around the crowd and read the pinney type things on which people had written who they were running for it hit me that the majority of the people in the crowd have been touched personnaly by this dreaded cancer. Tears rolled down my face the more names I read, and the longer I listened to the song they were playing over and over again. People were running for neighbors for mothers and grandmas, aunties and cousins and sadly many were running in memory of someone. One teams "name" if you will, was Breast Assured We'll Find A Cure! I sure hope they do, and soon! coming in wounded....walking not running for the last km
what happens when you hit the curb at a full run....
SQUID....a band like stomp
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Jodi said...

Good for him for running! What a bummer that he fell. It looks like he had fun either way though.

Evey said...

I really need to start running/walking in stuff like this. My mom had breast cancer and eventually died from cancer so it is close to home for me.

I think it is so awesome he is so into all this running and stuff. Good for him.

Bumbling Bav said...

Good job! You must be one proud Mamma!

Hope is owweeee is better.

Shelley said...

Absolutely awesome! We should take our families next year and do the run together! I know Olivia would love it, and I would give it my best! Something to aim for next year. I lost a very dear friend from work from Breast Cancer who was only 40 and did the Dragon Boat Festival Races every year. It's unbelieveable how many people have been affected by cancer of all types, but especially breast cancer.

Daniel looked great, even for having a rotten gash on his knee! Great job, and worthy cause!

Karen said...

Ouch! Good for Daniel for doing the run and finishing it in spite of the injury. Hope it was not too serious.

Jamie Dawn said...

The Titsy Chicks - Ha, Ha, tee heeee!

I'm proud of Daniel for running in this race. I wish a cure would be found soon so that no more women die from this disease.
A friend of ours who was my age, died about a year ago after fighting breast cancer. It was horrible. She left two little kids and a hubby behind.

I sponsored a fellow blogger who lives in southern California who ran in a race there. It felt good to participate in the hope of finding better ways to prevent and cure breast cancer.

Tee said...

Congrats to Daniel. You must be really proud of him. I love the creative names for the groups!